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Can You Smoke with Invisalign?

Pres mult | July 7,2021

Can you smoke with Invisalign? We’ll look at the facts, which indicate smoking or vaping is best avoided with Invisalign. Technically, you could take your Invisalign aligners for smoke breaks. However, this all by itself can be problematic. Let’s look at why this is so. Can You Smoke with Invisalign? Let’s say you are a long-term smoker […]


Invisalign and Free Teeth Whitening Deal!

Pres mult | June 22,2021

Are you ready for an Invisalign and FREE teeth whitening deal? If you are near Union County, NJ, you can take advantage of this incredible limited offer at Clearsmile.  Clearsmile is the state’s only Invisalign-only office, specializing in making treatment as easy, affordable, and convenient as possible. Notably, our founder Dr. Philip Messer experienced Invisalign’s benefits firsthand. […]


Invisalign Cost Near Me

Pres mult | May 13,2021

Are you looking for “Invisalign cost near me?” If you are in the Garwood, NJ area, Clearsmile is the comprehensive Invisalign solution for adults and teens! We’re proud to offer the most affordable Invisalign treatment to communities all over Union County. Today, Invisalign can help people from kids to adults of all ages. Now, more […]


What Are the Top 5 Reasons to Get Invisalign?

Pres mult | April 29,2021

This time, we’ll look at the Top 5 Reasons to get Invisalign. Today, Invisalign can help people of all ages get a beautiful, healthy smile to show for a lifetime. At Clearsmile, New Jersey’s only Invisalign-only office, we make Invisalign even more convenient and affordable. Dr. Phil Messer DDS and Clearsmile are among the top Invisalign providers […]


Invisalign Clear Aligners – What You Need to Know

Pres mult | March 5,2021

Invisalign clear aligners – what you need to know.  If you live in Union County, NJ, you can get the best custom treatment from Diamond Plus Invisalign provider Philip Messer, DDS, FAGD. Patients from kids to adults enjoy top-quality treatment and stay within budget with plans as low as $78/month! Also, be sure to check out our unbelievable promotions you […]


How Clearsmile Makes the Cost of Invisalign Affordable

Pres mult | February 10,2021

This time, we’re looking at how Clearsmiles makes the cost of Invisalign affordable. If you’re in the Garwood, NJ area, you have access to the most affordable treatment from a certified Diamond + Invisalign provider. You can expect the best custom treatment and results by choosing an experienced provider. When it comes to your smile, […]


Invisalign Teeth Whitening Special

Pres mult | January 14,2021

We’re offering an Invisalign teeth whitening special! Chose Union County, NJ’s Invisalign-only specialists, and get an incredible limited-time-offer. Today, Clearsmile offers the most affordable Invisalign treatment around with free professional teeth whitening at the end of treatment. Thus, your new smile will be gleaming white and look fantastic. As you perfect your smile, you will […]


Invisalign vs. Clear Braces: How are they different?

Pres mult | December 3,2020

In this blog, we’ll look at Invisalign vs. clear braces. How are they different?  Sometimes, people use “clear braces” and Invisalign interchangeably. While they are both orthodontic treatments to perfect your smile, they are very different. Read on. What are Clear Braces? Today, modern ceramic braces feature clear brackets. Traditionally, these brackets are silver metallic color, but […]


Invisalign for Adults Near Me

Pres mult | November 6,2020

Are you searching for “Invisalign for adults near me?” If you live in the Garwood, NJ area, choose the Invisalign specialists at Clearsmile.  We’re New Jersey’s ONLY Invisalign-only office, helping people from kids to adults get dream smiles. By choosing us, you can expect fantastic results with more convenience. Plus, we make Invisalign affordable with […]


Why Choose an Invisalign Diamond Plus Provider in NJ?

Pres mult | October 28,2020

Why choose an Invisalign Diamond Plus Provider in NJ? By choosing a provider with this designation, it means the doctor has vast experience. In a given year, they have treated hundreds of people successfully with Invisalign. Thus, you can be sure to get the best custom treatment plan and results. When it comes to Invisalign, […]