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Can Invisalign Fix My Gap Teeth

Who likes a hole in their teeth? .. No one.

No one likes to smile and see little brown boxes between their pearly whites. Gap teeth is one of the most unappealing looks you could have. Fixing gaps in teeth is a delicate procedure. There are a lot of options to close those gaps depending on their sizes and location in your mouth. However, braces are considered the gold standard in fixing gapped teeth. Braces can literally “push your teeth together” and give you the most awesome smile you can have.

But there is a catch .. Braces are downright ugly. That of course is speaking of traditional metallic braces, which is why most people nowadays are looking for alternatives. The most popular of these is, of course, Invisalign. The search term “can Invisalign fix my gap teeth” is surprisingly popular.

What are gap teeth?

Gap teeth is when your teeth are not in tight contact with each other. Spaces between the teeth are mostly genetic, but some other reasons may be involved such as abnormal muscle locations and in some cases poor management by your dentist.

These gaps could occur anywhere in your mouth, but the term “gap teeth” commonly refers to the space between the two front teeth.

What is Invisalign?

If you still don’t know what Invisalign is, you really need to. Invisalign is one of the most amazing technologies in the dental field these days. This technology swapped out the traditional metallic braces, wires and colorful elastics with a transparent, plastic mold (known as an aligner) that fits the outer surface of your teeth, and acts by pressurizing them to move to the desired location.

As you can probably imagine, the looks are much better. In addition, they shorten the treatment time, are much more accurate, and highly improve oral hygiene as well.

Can Invisalign fix my gap teeth?

Absolutely. Invisalign has evolved a lot of the past few years, but initially it was created solely to fix the problem of spacing between teeth. The aligners apply pressure to move the teeth closer together much easier than they would fix crooked teeth or try to gain pace when your teeth are crowded.

Fixing gap teeth is the easy part. Keeping them together, however, is a different story. Invisalign can fix gap teeth in virtually no time, but your orthodontist would need to take extra care to keep the spaces closed. Permanent retainers are often needed, and in most cases, a small surgery where the small flap that you can find in the midline of your lips when you pull them out (known as frenum) is removed. The frenum is the primary cause of gap teeth. If your orthodontist doesn’t find a permanent solution for it, it is very likely that the gap would recur.

Spacing between teeth is a very common problem. It usually manifests between the two front teeth. It is easier to fix than most other problems related to your teeth alignment, but would need very special care to make sure the gaps won’t surface again