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Virtual Invisalign Consultations in NJ

Virtual appointments allow patients and staff to take extra precautions about their health. Also, they make it possible for medical professionals to both help patients and follow guidelines for self-quarantine and social distancing. If you are looking into virtual Invisalign consultations in NJ, Dr. Messer with Clearsmile can help.

How Are Virtual Invisalign Consultations in NJ Possible?

Virtual Invisalign Consultations in NJLife feels complicated right now, but we can quickly answer your questions about Invisalign. For the orthodontist to give you the best attention, it is essential to take some photos first. These should be up-close photos of your teeth, but they must also be in focus.

You will need to use a digital camera or a cellphone to take pictures. Having a friend to help out makes the process easier, too. You will want to pull your lips and cheeks away from your teeth for the pictures. You can do this by using your fingers or by placing a large spoon at each side of your mouth and pulling outward.

Your first picture is a front photo with the teeth closed. You will then want a view of both the left and right profile, also with the teeth closed. The next two photos are of the top and bottom teeth. For these two pictures, you will want to open wide, continue to keep the cheeks away from the teeth, and lean back. Have a helper take a picture of both the top and the bottom. Be sure to keep the tongue out of the way.

What Do I Do with These Pictures?

These pictures become a part of your virtual consultation. You may upload the images after filling in some necessary information. You may also text them to our office. From this point, Dr. Messer will evaluate your orthodontic needs and help you decide which orthodontic treatment is right for you.

Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation

Dr. Messer and the team at Clearsmile are experts in orthodontia. We are prepared to answer your questions about virtual Invisalign consultations in New Jersey. We are available at (908) 233-1760, or you can visit to use our chat feature.